5 Things to Keep Your Dog Warmer in Winter

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If your dog really feels the cold, whether that’s because they’re older or have very little hair, or are just a little more sensitive than most, there are some great ways to help them keep warm while you’re off to work for the day.

The easiest way to help keep your dog warm and also give them the choice to cool down if need be is by giving them the tools they need to keep themselves warm. Think blankets and fluffy items that can be placed in their house and snuggled into.

Unfortunately, this may not be a good option for those with dogs who seemingly hate their bedding! I have some tips for those whose dogs prefer a diet of stuffing.

  1. Add extra bedding.
    This could be a sheepskin rug, a heated pet bed or a fluffy throw rug.
  2. Make sure their kennel is positioned appropriately.
    Angle it so there’s no direct wind entering the kennel’s doorway. Keep the kennel under cover where possible.
  3. Remove any draught issues altogether.
    Instal plastic curtains or a doggy door to the kennel opening.
  4. Keep them off the floor.
    Raise their kennel with wooden blocks or place their bed on top of a trampoline bed.

You may be thinking, But how do I know if my dog is cold?

Some signs are:

  1. Actively seeking warmth like sunshine or laying on clothes from the clothesline.
  2. Shaking.
  3. They’re cool to touch. Feel under their armpits as well as over their back.
  4. Making themselves small such as curling up in a corner.

Some of these are also signs of nervousness. By providing warmth, your dog should feel comfortable and happy. If they continue to curl up and shake, consult a dog behaviourist you may have a very nervous dog on your hands.

A few things for good measure:

  1. DIY hot water bottle.
    Fill up a plastic bottle with warm water. Not boiling, just warm, and place that in your dog’s bed or kennel with a blanket over the top. That way your dog can curl up beside it for warmth.
  2. Use an old mattress to create a den.
    Dog’s are most comfortable with den like sleeping arrangements. If your dog can’t get used to the idea of a man-made dog kennel and bed or just plain refuses to go inside a kennel. Many have found their dogs are most comfortable with some of their old stuff. Try using an old mattress laid in the garage and give them a few old clothes or blankets as bedding. They will appreciate being able to smell you on the bedding and will be able to create their own little hideout.

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