Organix Canine Wellness Centre (OCWC) is a natural healthcare facility nestled in the beautiful Manor Lakes community. We began as a dedicated Dog Spa focused on providing a more comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience. Using techniques from dermatological grooming and balanced training to connect with your dog. Our Dog Spa uses organic, plastic-free products made locally in Melbourne.

OCWC has since flourished into a full-service wellness centre for dogs. Alongside our purpose-built Dog Spa, we provide Myofunctional Therapy in the same relaxing setting. Our myotherapy practitioner is able to help dogs with all aspects of musculoskeletal dysfunction, from remedial and performance to maintenance programs, utilising massage and physio-therapeutic exercises.

We take the time to understand your dog’s individual needs in a calm and friendly space, so we can provide an individualised service that supports their health and happiness.

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This ties in well with my excessive brushing video from last week.
Often after a groom your dog will have a temporary increase in shedding. Remember that the skin has been massaged and stimulated and space has been created, giving you a beautiful free-flowing coat as opposed to the compacted, tight coat they may have walked in with.

So don't stress; this is temporary and will lighten after about 24 hours. Brushing until no more hair comes out is unnecessary, uncomfortable and potentially damaging to both skin and hair.

Itchy paws? I can definitely help you with that from an external relief perspective.

Providing your dog with some skin hydration will help reduce itchiness, dry skin = wanting to itch.

With ingredients that help replenish the skin like Vitamin A, there is nothing to cause aggravation, only skin soothing properties. πŸ’™

By the end of the year I'll also be able to provide information on diet that could help offer allergy relief, for now, we can at least sooth the itching and make your dog feel a little calmer and more comfortable.
I love working with owners who genuinely want their dog to enjoy being groomed. That means we're both putting in the work to make this a reality.

If your dog is uncomfortable/scared/aggressive/fidgety/etc. when being groomed, here are 5 things YOU can do to help.

1. Brush you dog weekly.
There's nothing worse than a dog that not only hates being groomed but has come in matted. Knots and matts can be painful to remove and contribute to your dog not liking grooming. On top of that, a lot of dogs don't like being brushed, in a roundabout way, it's probably related to the fact that infrequent brushing leads to matts and matts cause pain when brushing. Lets not make matting and lack of brushing the cause for disliking being brushed.

2. Touch your dog's legs and paws daily.
Yes, daily, and not while they're asleep or relaxed on the couchβ€”it doesn't count. Your dog has to be aware of what is being asked and (ideally) co-operate or tolerate it for a reward. This can be taught and is really important for nail trimming, paw pad checking, leg trimming, and even body trimming, as the legs are often lifted to stretch the skin of the abdomen.

**Continued in the comments.
I wish this place were dog-friendly! 
I went on a walk today with a friend at the beautiful Werribee Gorge. Stretch wouldn't have made it, to be honest πŸ˜… but in some spots, he would have had the best time! 

The last time I was here, I dislodged a kidney stone due to the extra movement I did, so I was keen to make a happier memory 😝

Picture one - we had to climb around this mountain above the river. We both nearly chickened out but felt very accomplished afterwards πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
Then I saw a kid climb around with his dad and felt somewhat less impressed with myself πŸ˜‚

If you've never been, I highly recommend the full circuit hike πŸ‘Œ 
Have you been to Werribee Gorge?
So many businesses refuse large breeds or certain breeds, but some of my "easiest" clients are large breed dogs.

If a large breed dog is under-socialised and naughty, they are 100 times more difficult than a small dog that does the same behaviour. And very dangerous, I might add.

However, if they are friendly and well-behaved, I find them easier than a small well-behaved dog. 

Cruise here reaches my waist when on all fours and there is no way I can lift any part of him, but, he got in the bath, he stood when asked and he didn't fidget too much. That allowed me to be a lot more gentle resulting in him being a lot calmer.
He had such a good time, played with toys, peed on every plant outside and got lots of back scratches - or brushing as I like to call it.

Do you have a large breed dog that has been refused by a pet professional?
Could barely go near this dog the first time he came in, but now we're friendly acquaintances 😝

Dogs that are fearful and aren't used to different people or environments need frequent short periods of exposure if you want them to truly be comfortable and confident.

Solo has had roughly 6 hours of exposure to be and being groomed here prior to today. That was spread over 5 visits, 4 weekly and 1 a month later.

Proof that a little bit of consistency and your dog can improve quite quickly.

We've got a lot more work to do but it's a huge improvement πŸ’™
Should you walk your senior dog out in the cold?
Stretch feels the cold easily due to his coat density and low body fat percentage. Technically, with his skull shape, he should be able to thermoregulate really well, but because of a slight heart murmur, he struggles quite a bit in the heat, too.

Knowing your dog is really important when making any health decisions, and something as simple as whether or not you take your dog for a walk, is a health decision.

Exercise almost always promotes health, particularly when the exercise is appropriate for the individual dog. But even in really cold weather?

I'm going to be really annoying and ask that you read my latest article for the answer because there are a lot of considerations and potentially some points that you may not have considered.

Visit my website via the link in bio or copy and paste this link: https://www.caninewellness.com.au/articles/should-you-walk-your-senior-dog-in-the-cold/

Let me know what you think :)
You know I love learning ways to help our dogs be healthier, and myself for that matter, but turning dogs into vegetarians? I'm not too sure...

Vegetarian (and Vegan) diets for dogs are definitely becoming increasingly popular but the formulas I've been seeing are literal garbage.

Copy and paste this URL or visit my website to read my two part blog all about Vegetarian diets for dogs.
When I groom or work with a dog for Myotherapy, I can immediately tell what they get up to at home. 
A dog that has some boundaries, maybe knows a little bit of obedience or trick training and has been taught to relax in different situations and environments tends to settle in quite quickly.

It makes it easier for me to work with and desensitise them to what isn't always a fun experience. 
This also makes the experience less stressful for the dog AND they sometimes even learn to enjoy it.

If you let your dog do whatever they want, whenever they want, you are truly doing them a disservice. πŸ’™
I was so excited and nervous to have the opportunity to groom a dog with such a long hairstyle.

It's far more common for owners to want easy-maintenance hairstyles which are generally shorter. That means I don't get many opportunities to try different styles or work with longer hair.

Overall, I was really happy with the result, and I know I'll keep getting better πŸ’™

Did you know there are a heap of ways we can style a dog to make them easier to maintain without going short all over? Ask me next time I work with your dog if you'd like to try something new! πŸ₯°
If you're trying to build strength with tight muscles, you're doing it wrong.

Muscles must be pliable, without tension, so that they can function properly and allow for growth as needed.

A tight muscle can be painful and restricts movement. Restricted movement prevents blood flow. Inadequate blood flow prevents nutrients from being utilised by the muscle.

Muscles require circulation, nutrients, hydration, nerve signals and, of course, a minor stressor (exercise) to grow.

So, if you're trying to improve your dog's muscle tone, ability, or performance without having their musculature checked for tension, you're doing it wrong.

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Just like grooming, Myotherapy should be considered a preventative measure and part of every dog's health care plan. 
It aids in the prevention and early detection of unnecessary muscle dysfunction, which means it can help prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

I am so passionate about Myotherapy because of this. Knowing your dog's body can help you determine what exercises your dog is handling, where its weaknesses are and if there are already signs of injury.

Muscles are truly amazing and they are a part of much more than we think. When they contract, they initiate movement of the skeleton, produce warmth, increase blood circulation, improve the flow of the Lymphatic system (part of the Immune System) and provide sensory information to the brain.

When muscles are tight, nervous system messages struggle to pass through which delays reaction time, blood struggles to pass through which can cause muscle fibres to weaken leading to muscle wastage. Without Lymph flowing your dog's immune system is compromised. Without adequate blood flow, nutrients are not reaching their destination within the body.

Like a yearly Veterinarian check-up, check in with a Myotherapist as part of your dog's health and wellness plan. πŸ’™

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Looking after Nala's knee after a fall in the car created some inflammation and pain. This led to her not using her back legs properly, causing muscle wastage and further weakness.

I'm using massage to relieve tension from the impact and to draw blood and nutrients to the weakened muscles, which will help her strength. If we don't relieve the tension, the lack of blood flow will likely prevent the muscles from rebuilding.

As well as massage, we do a mixture of specific physio-therapeutic exercises to help her slowly improve her range of motion πŸ’™

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It can be scary to try a new haircut idea because many factors can affect how the style sits, such as the direction of coat growth, hair texture, wear patterns, matting, and for the face, eating habits.

Olive's owners needed a shorter muzzle style, and I'm actually really happy with how it turned out!
Poodle cross coats are often very unpredictable and are easier to style at longer lengths but she looks so cute with this shape πŸ₯°

#oodles #poodlecross #cavoodle
Being a pack animal, dogs are motivated a lot by adrenalin and will often ignore pain - because they literally no longer feel it at that moment, to do something that they love. Or that they think YOU love.

Pain is the result of an increase in pressure on the nerves from a build-up of fluid, irritating the nerve endings.

When adrenalin is released to help the dog move in a particular way, these pain signals are blocked, an amazing adaptation for survival.

It's not until the nervous system regains balance as the dog cools down or the activity is stopped that the dog begins to feel the pain again.

The dog may then rest. The Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO) report the injury through the nervous system, resulting in the muscle fibres tightening to restrict movement and prevent pain. Depending on the cause of the pain or injury, the dog could appear to feel better the next day.

However, If this injury is not alleviated properly and the dog is exercised again, just as the initial healing phase had begun via rest, movement restriction, inflammation, nutrient response, circulatory response etc., Fibrous tissue may be laid down as a protective measure. This will further inhibit the muscle's restoration to normal function.

This is how a lot of chronic pain and Repeat Strain Injuries (RSI) occur. Rest does not always equal healing.

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Long-haired dogs require a lot of home maintenance, some individuals more than others. 
But when the weather is so cold, I can understand why people might choose to share their home with a Teddy Bear 😝

What made you choose a dog with long hair?
Ear plucking is needed in some individuals to keep their ear canal clear, allowing for better airflow.

Failure to pluck, when needed, results in the accumulation of dirt, wax and hair.

This can lead to matting, which is difficult to remove from the inside of a dog's ear, and ear infection.

If your dog is telling you it hurts, you're doing it wrong, or the hair you're pulling is not the correct hair to pull.

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I know which food I would choose...

#rawfeed #rawfeddog #freshfoodisbest
To all those who clean slobber off their clothes, walls, couches and faces.
Who gets up early for walks even when the weather is terrible.
Whose couches look more like snow than fabric.
Who spends more time making dinner for their pets than themselves.

Happy Mothers Day πŸ’™

Age really is just a number. 
C'mon, I bet you've said "Oh, he's just getting old.." before.
The body needs movement for a lot of its internal functions to happen. When dogs naturally slow down as they age we must still provide the right types of activity to literally keep them going. I agree, that dogs of all ages need adequate rest but I also don't want to see our senior dogs struggling to get out of their beds.
Don't be complacent if your senior dog is acting "old". It doesn't need to be that way.

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