little dog in a dog bath

5 Ways You Can Make Grooming Less Stressful For Your Dog

Did you know you can help your dog feel more comfortable at the groomers? These 5 simple things could make your dog love being groomed.

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a sad looking labrador standing in the rain with their owner, on lead.


As the owner of a senior dog, I have often found myself erring on the side of caution when going for a walk in less-than-ideal conditions. As soon as the weather is a little chillier than usual, I notice my dog shivering and being more reluctant to go out to the toilet.

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The Science of the Vegetarian Dog.

Despite selective breeding and domestication, the dog’s digestive system has not changed from that of its ancestors.

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vegetarian dog stealing vegetables from the kitchen counter chopping board.

A Vegetarian Diet for Dogs – Is it everything your dog needs?

Unfortunately, many commercially prepared vegetarian dog diets contain very few vegetables, let alone the important leafy green vegetables, and are full of synthetic supplements that fill the nutritional gaps in their formulations. A red flag for a diet marketed as healthy and complete.

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Dog pulling owner on lead

Excessive Lead Pulling & Jumping May Be Damaging Your dog’s Body.

Lead pulling can cause muscle fibre adhesions, tightness and tearing, which leads to compensatory patterns as the body tries to complete the repetitive exercise in a different way so as to avoid pain or injury.

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Dog Arthritis | Organix Canine Myotherapy

Dog Arthritis: How Senior Dogs Can Benefit From Myotherapy.

While myotherapy can definitely be used as a preventative measure for mobility issues – in fact, I’d highly encourage it, using myotherapy at the first sign of a mobility issue can help our senior dogs continue to enjoy a fulfilling and active life well into their golden years. I believe our senior dogs deserve to age gracefully and with dignity.

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Can Dogs Benefit From Massage?

Massage and Myotherapy are beneficial to all dogs, including sporting and high-performance dogs, companion dogs and working dogs. The best part is that you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to wait until your dog shows signs of injury or discomfort in their movement. Myotherapy can be utilised as a preventative measure, catching potential issues before they become anything serious and promoting health within the body’s systems.

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Myotherapy Case Study – Young Labrador

The Veterinarian found inflammation in her right stifle (knee) and determined that it was likely due to a fall she had while travelling in their car. Nala had fallen off the car seat and hit the cup holders in the footwell. Despite having some rest and anti-inflammatories, Nala was still scuffing her back paws as she walked.

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How good are bones? What i learned when i gave my dog a bone.

Since the diet of our companion dogs has changed so much in a short period of time, with processed food becoming the norm, they have seemingly lost their ability to deal with bones, with many reporting vomiting or dangerous obstructions following a meal of bones. In some respects, it is true that our dogs have lost their ability to deal with bones, but not in the way you might think.

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6 Ways You’re Accidentally Contributing to Your Dog’s Matting.

I always feel terrible when owners say how hard they’ve tried to keep their dog’s coat from becoming matted, but their dog has still become matted. …

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An Unnecessary Fear of E-Collars: Two Seconds of Discomfort or a Lifetime of Misery?

I tried everything with my dog Stretch. I had Googled every remedy. I had paid for expensive Veterinary Behaviourists. I started working from home. I ignored …

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What is the Best Material for Dog Collars and Leads?

I was recently searching for some new leads for my dog grooming business and it got me thinking, “what is the best material for leads?”. I …

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