Why I’m Not a Mobile Dog Groomer.

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Mobile grooming can be a great option for both the groomer and the dog owner in certain circumstances. For owners, it can be convenient not having to transport your dog anywhere and for the groomer, there’s a sense of freedom from being able to work from just about anywhere.
Some dogs are extremely nervous in unfamiliar places or bad travellers, although these things usually improve over time, a mobile groomer might be their only option. And that’s fine. We’re all individuals and we all have different wants and needs.

When I began setting up my business, I thought about what type of service I wanted to provide, what feeling I wanted to leave my clients with and exactly how I wanted to be able to handle the dogs.

For me, a mobile grooming unit was not an option.

I have the freedom to provide dogs with an entire grooming experience. They are welcome to browse through my pet-friendly backyard, toilet & sniff around real grass and plants, run & play in the sun and even cosy up inside with a soft toy. For me, this is a far superior option for dogs and a service I would not be able to provide if I were mobile.

Pro’s & Con’s
For the groomer, it’s a business choice. Simple as that. For the pet owner, you have your pup and yourself to consider when deciding between a mobile or salon groomer.

A mobile groomer is really good if:
– Your dog is elderly &/or not good with travelling
– Your schedule is hectic and you feel you have no time to get to a salon
– You’d prefer not to dirty your car! 😅

But, there are some really nice perks with Salon grooming.

A salon/spa groomer is really good if:
– Your dog likes to play with other dogs/people
– Your dog enjoys outings
– You’d like more service options
– Drop off/pick up fits better with your schedule
– You like being able to pick up a few products while you’re there
– Your dog requires a little more time spent with them
– Your 2-3 dogs like to/need to stay together

Of course, every groomer is different! And each provides a different kind of service. It’s up to you to determine what you want from your dog’s groomer and what your dog may need. It’s important to find the right fit for your dog, after all, they’ll be visiting them a lot!

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