What Is Canine Pelotherapy?

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– High-quality mineral mud can be used to assist in the treatment of skin conditions, improve the function of the skin, improve skin & coat health and absorb toxins.
– Animals have been taking mud baths instinctually in the wild, we’re only now applying it to ourselves and domestic pets for overall health.

I am so glad you’ve asked! Pelotherapy is the therapeutic use of mud, peat or clay applied to all, or part of the body.

Why Mud?
Egyptian Queen Cleopatra 🐫 used to bathe in mud as part of her beauty regime, and with good reason. Mud used in beauty treatments (both animal & human) is sourced from areas which are rich in minerals. There are many different types of Pelotherapy muds, each used for the different properties they contain. The most common being volcanic mud which is rich in carbon. 🌋
Our Canine Pelotherapy uses the finest Medicinal Mud for its impurity absorbing and skin soothing properties.

Dogs with skin conditions all seem to have a common symptom, dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by poor barrier function and other epidermal disorders which can expose the skin and make it vulnerable to absorbing environmental pollutants, bacteria, yeast and allergens. Medicinal Mud is designed to improve skin barrier function, hydrate and nourish dry skin, restore nutrients and absorb toxins from the skin to prevent skin condition flare-ups. Our Pelotherapy Treatments also include Aromatherapy for total body & mind wellbeing. 💆‍♀️

The Canine Skin
Despite dogs wonderful ability to hide pain and discomfort and get on with their day, a dogs skin is actually much more sensitive than ours. This is because their skin is much thinner than ours. That is the “Stratum Corneum” or the outer most layer of skin which is the first line of defence from the external environment. While humans have 10-15 layers of this helpful moisture-locking, bacteria and UV protecting barrier, dogs, only have 5 layers of skin protection.
The Ph level of dogs skin actually varies quite a bit, it is generally more on the alkaline side of the Ph scale making them more delicate and more susceptible to absorbing undesirables.
The more acidic the skin is, the more capable it is at fighting off impurities, harmful microbes and free radicals. However, that’s not to say overly acidic skin is good!

Providing your dog with a Pelotherapy treatment is not just some new fancy fad, animals have been giving themselves mud baths for years. Elephants, Rhino and Buffalo often take mud baths to protect themselves from the sun, prevent insect bites and to Cool themselves down. if you’re lucky enough to visit the Amazon rain forest, you may even see colourful parrots such as Macaws 🦜 , feasting on the edge of mountains eating and licking at the clay! It is said that they are harvesting essential nutrients and minerals not found elsewhere which are vital to their health.

We now know there are countless benefits for the use of mineral mud!

  • Assists with healthy cell regeneration
  • Magnesium to support cellular immunity
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergen effects
  • Calcium protects the skins oil barrier
  • Zinc helps fight off bacteria & viruses
  • Essential minerals detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves with undesirables
  • Omega oils aid in hydration

The skin sheds thousands of cells per minute. Dead cells can trap dirt, oil and impurities that encourage bacteria and dermatitis conditions. Pelotherapy can nourish, strengthen and encourage cell regeneration to help your pup stay healthy. 🐕

Organix Canine Pelotherapy
Our Pelotherapy Treatments contain all-natural Medicinal Mineral Mud among other essential ingredients to create 3 amazingly healthy and luxurious treatments.

Fortifying Mud
Provides overall nutrients for skin & coat health. Detoxifies and strengthens. Natural parasite and yeasty skin relief.
This is an excellent option for all-round coat care to provide hydration, remove dead skin cells, deter bugs and it leaves a nice soft, shiny coat.

Soothing Mud
For irritated, itchy, blemished skin and a natural hot spot treatment. It’s loaded with antioxidants to promote healing and contains lavender oil to ease anxiousness.
Works well when used as a calming treatment with the added benefit of nutrients that look after the dog’s skin and coat.

Invigorating Mud
This has been personally human tested for the treatment of sore and inflamed joints. Designed with menthol to deliver a cooling effect to sore joints and muscles, promotes circulation, stops itching and flushes toxins.
Used as a spot treatment for sporting dogs with sore/tired muscles and ageing dogs with arthritis.

It’s the Real Deal!
Mud is definitely not a fad treatment and has been seen treating and/or assisting with the treatment of many skin & coat conditions. I believe in total body wellbeing for both human and animal and I’ve found Pelotherapy to be extremely helpful in improving coat texture and skin health in many dogs. The addition of aromatherapy and massage increases the acceptance and enjoyment of the treatment for the dog so that the treatment can be performed properly and increases the effectiveness of the mud. 🐶

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