The Ultimate Trick to Keeping Your Dog Knot & Tangle Free!

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It begins with a day at the beach. Jimmy the Retriever is covered from nose to tail. Sand glued to his belly and a fine layer of black sandy mud compacted under foot.

Lisa & Michael love taking Jimmy to the beach! Seeing him splash in the water brings a happy smile to their faces. When they get home, Jimmy is all dried up. He now sports a stylish set of sandy dread-locks hanging and swaying just off the floor.

Lisa & Michael are about to perform a wondrous trick that will keep Jimmy free from knots & tangles, free from itchy skin and most importantly, free from that nasty cologne: wet dog & beach parfum!

A Bath & Brush!

That’s right folks you heard it here, free of charge!

Sorry about the dramatics but I couldn’t help it! The longer you leave your dogs coat dirty, the harder it is to clean. Just like anything. And even better, if your dog doesn’t fancy a swim and doesn’t usually roll in the mud, good! All you need is a comb and a brush!


How often do you brush your own hair? Twice a day? At least once though right? What would happen if you didn’t? Knots, tangles, maybe even some debris from the day?
If you gave your dog a comb and a brush for 5 minuets everyday to every other day, you would be amazed at the difference it makes.
It’s good for circulation, helps distribute good oils, aids in skin checking and of course frees tangles.


If you don’t think you’ll be able to do both. Just buy a comb and comb out those friction areas such as the leg featherings, chest, tail and ears. Be gentle, but comb to the skin. Combing only the top layer of coat on a thick coated dog will do just that… comb the top layer. The under coat will still knot, tangle and potentially, mat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping those natural oils so don’t start over washing your dog but use common sense. A run in fresh water could mean leaving the coat to dry and brushing it all out. A splash in a dirty mud puddle and you may want to give your dog a wash. Choose the right brush and comb for your dogs coat type and length and a really gentle shampoo. There’s no need for harsh whitening shampoos when you’re just trying to keep the coat nice and skin clean. Brands like: Essential Dog or Cider & Basil are beautiful smelling and won’t strip the coats natural oils.


When you can, brush and comb your dog. When he needs one. Wash him in a natural and gentle shampoo. If your not washing your dog this time round, spray on a nice conditioning coat spray and give them a brush!
It takes 5 minuets if you brush them regularly. It can take hours if it’s left for weeks! Believe me!

Happy Brushing!


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