How to Prepare For a Visit to the Groomers

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A dog groomers job is not just to “Style & Cut Hair” (You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Movie Quote). It’s also about making the dog feel comfortable and keeping their skin and coat healthy. If the dog is comfortable it makes the groomer’s job a lot easier!

But do you know who else has a say in how a dog feels when it comes into the grooming salon? It’s yours! That’s right, you too can help ensure your dog is ready for its pamper ‘sesh’ by following these easy practices that your dog and groomer will love you for!

Firstly, tell yourself: “My dog, Mr. McFluffigans, Is going to have the best time ever at the groomers today!”. Don’t laugh! Your dog feeds off your energy, so even though your dog might usually be timid, doesn’t take well to strangers/new groomers and is also really sensitive to loud noises. Go in there with YOUR tail high and your dog will feel the positive energy from you and feel confident about what he/she is walking in to!

2. Tire Him Out!
But not too much… A super excitable dog will benefit from a good walk, run or play to lose some excess energy. A groomer will be using scissors and clipper blades that are already dangerous enough without Fido jumping around all over the place. For the benefit of your dog and the groomer, don’t bring them in when they’re full of energy. We’re trying to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for your dog to hopefully enjoy being pampered.

3. Don’t Make a Fuss!
This comes back to your energy again. Even if your dog is good with other people and doesn’t mind you leaving them; yelling and talking in high pitched noises before or as your leaving – “Bye Fluffigan! Bye Baby!..Good Boy!..Yes You Are!” – Will only upset them once you close the door.

Keep calm and walk away – “no touch, no talk, no eye contact.” – Cesar Millan

4. From a puppy, get your dog comfortable having their whole body handled and bring them into the groomers as soon as their fully vaccinated. The more your dog is accustomed to being handled and groomed the more comfortable they will feel in the salon.

5. Get a brush suited to your dog’s coat type and brush them every few days, little bits at a time. That way your dog gets used to the frequency of brushing and it becomes normal. Then you don’t have to sit there for an hour brushing all the knots out that accumulated over the weeks and your groomer will have more styling options for you.

6. Do not let your pet get matted! This is super uncomfortable for them and can cause pain and irritation. Once your pet’s hair is matted, the safest/easiest and most stress-free way to eliminate it… is to shave it all off. Prevention is easy! Regular brushing from either yourself or a groomer. Some pets are more susceptible to matting (Coat length, environment & your pet’s activity level and disposition) and that means dropping them at the groomers once every 6-8 weeks might not be enough and you may need to help out with some brushing at home.
*Do not be confused! Just because you like your dog’s coat shaved, doesn’t mean it’s ok to let them go through the pain of having a matted coat… 🙁

4. Don’t forget about grooming through Winter. You may think it’s cold so Mr. McFluffigans should keep EVERY SINGLE STRAND OF HAIR ON HIS BODY! But this is not true. Your dog will stay warmer the better maintained his coat is. For long-haired breeds, you can stick to coat trims & washes in winter and regular brushing to remove dead hairs.

Now that your dog is calm & comfortable, your dog’s groomer can safely complete your desired haircut or even try something a little fancier!

Did you see a difference in your dog by following this guide?

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