Organic Neem Oil Ear Cleaner


Neem Oil contains a powerhouse of benefits, making this ear cleaner extraordinarily effective yet gentle. It contains anti-oxident properties, it’s Anti-septic, Anti-fungal, Anti-histamine, and Anti-inflammatory.
This formula works well to clean the ears and may prevent symptoms of allergy such as itching, redness, dryness and scabbing, while leaving behind a beautiful scent of Peppermint & Lavender.

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Apply the oil to a tissue or cotton pad and wipe the inside of your dog’s ear. Do not pour the oil into the ear canal or apply it to any open wounds.


*Coconut Oil, *Olive Oil, *Neem Oil, Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Pure Lavender Essential Oil. *Certified Organic.
Bottle Size: 100ml.

Each dog is different, If your dog experiences any irritation, stop use, unfortunately, this product may not be suitable to your dog.

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Organic Ingredients, Plastic Free, Handmade, Naturally Scented, Palm Oil Free

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Organic Neem Oil Ear Cleaner