How good are bones? What i learned when i gave my dog a bone.

Since the diet of our companion dogs has changed so much in a short period of time, with processed food becoming the norm, they have seemingly lost their ability to deal with bones, with many reporting vomiting or dangerous obstructions following a meal of bones. In some respects, it is true that our dogs have lost their ability to deal with bones, but not in the way you might think.

3 Reasons you should never wash a knotty dog.

Existing knots may tighten! Dirt & oil may become trapped! (Clogged follicles) You could create more knots! If your dog’s coat contains a multitude of knots and/or matting, dirt and sebum can build up within the knots. This build-up of hair, dirt and sebum can cause “clogged follicles” which leads to skin irritation, dandruff, possible … Read more

Your dog’s hair is amazing.

I know, I know. Your dogs hair is falling out all over the place, what could possibly be so amazing about it?!Well, I’m here to convince you of your dogs unique abilities that are only possible because of their hair. As we continue to share our homes with more and more animals, we must realise … Read more

Help! My Dog has Dandruff!

In my experience as a Dog Groomer, the cause of Doggy Dandruff is sometimes a really simple fix. Of course, there are situations where dandruff requires medical attention, but, you can certainly look into a few things before using any drastic measures – and don’t be mistaken, it is not normal, your dog should not … Read more

What Does Canine Pelotherapy Look Like?

Pelotherapy has so many benefits and I’m so happy that we have access to amazing health care for our pups! For those that have read my article “What is Canine Pelotherapy?”. I’m sure you’ve been wondering what it looks like. To answer that, I’m going to tell you a story. As a dog spa, I … Read more

Mealtime Boredom Busters

As some of you may know, my dog has Separation Anxiety – Proper, Separation Anxiety. One of the things that was recommended to me by his Trainer was to make his food last longer and make it more fun. Dog’s love to sniff, lick and forage, also known as – Enrichment. One way to provide … Read more

What Is Canine Pelotherapy?

Summary– High-quality mineral mud can be used to assist in the treatment of skin conditions, improve the function of the skin, improve skin & coat health and absorb toxins.– Animals have been taking mud baths instinctually in the wild, we’re only now applying it to ourselves and domestic pets for overall health. I am so … Read more

How do I know if my Dog is Overweight?

Surprisingly, even as a dog groomer, I’m asked this question a lot. And I actually love it! It’s great that people are thinking about their pet’s weight. Granted, I’m not a vet, but I can certainly help with what to look for. Don’t Pop Pup on the Scales!Dog’s come in all shapes and sizes. A … Read more

How Often Does My Dog Need To Be Washed?

The straight forward answer is every 4-6 weeks for long haired breeds and every 8-12 weeks for short haired breeds. Why? Well, that’s the average time it takes for your dog to get dirty to the point they probably require a wash.However, every dog is different. “You shouldn’t wash your dog more than once a … Read more