An Unnecessary Fear of E-Collars: Two Seconds of Discomfort or a Lifetime of Misery?

I tried everything with my dog Stretch. I had Googled every remedy. I had paid for expensive Veterinary Behaviourists. I started working from home. I ignored him, scolded him, yelled into pillows, complained to my friends and family, and had deep conversations with Stretch about his behaviour and how everything would be alright if he … Read more

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them!

We get dogs because we love them, right? We would play and cuddle with them all day long if we could! While that sounds great, providing our pups with some structure does improve their quality of life and reduces mental stress. Why? Because every living thing has and needs boundaries. It’s just nature! Here are … Read more

10 Steps to Dog Park Etiquette

I love the dog park! Seeing other dogs running around having fun, chasing toys and rolling everywhere possible, and mine walking beside me trying not to get in the way of the other dogs fun like the grumpy old man that he is…While arriving at the park and letting your dog go and run amuck … Read more